100 Rides in the Southern Blue Ridge


This 24 x 36 in map covers the Southern Tip of the Blue Ridge Mountains

  • More than 100 Great Roads highlighted 
  • Best roads are highlighted in red
  • Good connecting roads are highlighted in blue
  • Back side of map has descriptions of roads
  • Inset maps show details of selected towns
  • A list and guide to roadside waterfalls included
  • Scenic points, waterfalls, motorcycle-friendly stops, etc. shown
Also shown / additional features:
  • Remotely located (out-of-town) gas stations identified
  • Handy, easy-to-use, accessible pocket map size
  • Water & Tear Resistant
  • Best rides boldly highlighted in red
  • Good connecting roads highlighted in blue
  • Rides are described on back of map
  • Mileage between road segments shown
  • NEW for 2016 - selected unpaved roads included

100 Rides in the Southern Blue Ridge 

This map is designed to give riders who approach the Blue Ridge Mountains from the south all you need for many great vacation trips. It will take you on the best roads through the mountains of north Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and western North Carolina. If you come to the mountains via Atlanta or Chattanooga routes this map will guide you in to the best of the hills!

The four corners of the map are carefully chosen - the top left corner catches a piece of I-75 near Chattanooga (Athens) while the bottom right corner snaps a snippet of I-85 outside Atlanta (Lavonia). Top right corner takes you to Cherokee and the Blue Ridge Parkway. Bottom left tags Jasper, Talking Rock, Chatsworth where the first mountain ranges rise. I was sure to include how to get to the Dragon at Deals Gap as well as all the outstanding roads south of Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

New areas, new roads! 100 Rides in the Southern Blue Ridge goes deeper into Georgia and South Carolina than its pocket map cousin (Map #9). New areas of note include the Ocoee River Scenic Gorge, areas west of Tellico Plains, TN (map includes the Cherohala Skyway), the entire stretch of 28 through 3 states, all the great roads around Franklin and Highlands NC and a guide to a dozen roadside waterfalls.

Description of area: 

The Blue Ridge Mountains build rapidly in north Georgia and along the NC / SC / TN border. Once you leave the highways the two lane byways wind up and into the hills. Some of the areas are rolling and gentle pastoral rides while others attract throngs who come for a challenge. Much of this area is national forest or wildlife management lands.  You'll find many parks and natural attractions to visit. This comprehensive and detailed map will let you -

  • Bypass the traffic by getting on the 2 lane twisty back roads quicker.
  •  Explore Cherohala Skyway and take a run on The Dragon. 
  • Know every great road around Suches, The Gauntlet Motorcycle Route map on back 
  • Enjoy the Land of the Waterfalls in the east.
  • See the sights and amazing roads most will never find

Features on this map: 

This full color motorcycle road map, centered on Blairsville, GA, details the best paved back roads in the southern mountains. Printed on durable water & tear resistent stock, this 24 x 36 inch map highlights the best roads in red, and the best connecting roads to link them together in blue.

Designed purposely for the motorcycle rider with easy to identify roads, motorcycle friendly places, out-of-the-way reliable gas stations, roadside waterfalls, segment mileages, points of interest. The best roads are highlighted in red. Good roads to connect them together are shown in blue linking the roads into endless loop rides. Just follow the colored roads, it's that easy, and there's always another road waiting.


Folded - 4.5 x 8 inches

Unfolded - 24 x 36 inches