Find the Best Motorcycle Rides in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

  • Maps for Riding the Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Maps of the Best Motorcycle Roads in the Smoky Mountains
  • Maps of Great Motorcycle Rides in the Georgia Mountains

America Rides Maps show:

  • Great Motorcycle Roads in Virginia 
  • Great Motorcycle Roads in North Carolina
  • Great Motorcycle Roads in South Carolina
  • Great Motorcycle Roads in Tennessee
  • Great Motorcycle Roads in Georgia
  • Great Motorcycle Roads in West Virginia

There are more great motorcycle rides in the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains than anywhere else!  

It's where America Rides.

These are the most detailed and comprehensive motorcycle ride maps you'll find.

Quality and accuracy is important! When we map an area we investigate nearly every road that appears on that map. It takes several extended trips, often over a period of months to ride them all, then figure out how they all fit together. We also evaluate places to stay, restaurants, and motorcycle friendly locations and select the most outstanding of them to share with you. You get first hand experience - if it's on the map we've been there, enjoyed the experience, and stand by our recommendations - they are the best of the best.

We strive to keep the maps up-to-date. We are constantly working on the next version of each map. Each time a map is updated we re-ride the roads on that map and explore new ones. Things change with time - gas stations, businesses, restaurants open and close. Old dirt roads are paved, new sections opened. We are constantly searching for more scenic stops, overlooks, historic sites, and things you'll enjoy on your travels.

Short descriptions of each road are on the back side of the map. With so many roads to choose from we think it's a good idea to help you choose between them all. You'll also find descriptions of the roadside waterfalls which appear on the map. On the Premium Maps you get inset maps that detail the larger towns and cities to show more detail and help you navigate them.   

Motorcycle Ride Maps designed for Motorcycle Touring by Motorcycle Riders

Smaller Size / Larger Value - 

  • America Rides Maps are made to be used on the road. 
  • We found larger maps difficult to handle, complicated to fold, and hard to read.
  • We developed maps that fit in your pocket so they are always handy
  • Map on one side / Road descriptions on the other side
  • printed on synthetic water and tear-resistant materials 

Rugged and durable, small in size yet packed with information, we ride every road on every map to evaluate and compare them. We select the best roads and highlight them in red so they are easy to see on the maps. 

We look for 2-lane, winding, scenic back roads with little traffic.

Once the best roads are identified, we find the best connecting roads between them and highlight them in blue

By following the red and blue roads, you'll always be on the best rides in whatever area of the Blue Ridge you are in.  

Map Specs:

America Rides Maps are developed through extensive road testing:

 SIZE:  Folded Size  Unfolded Size
Pocket Maps   4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches  11 x 17 inches
Premium Maps  4 1/2 x 8 inches  24 x 36 inches

ALL 9 pocket maps will fit in your shirt pocket!
- easy to store on the bike

All maps are printed on durable water and tear resistant materials.

Maps are numbered in sequence from north to south. They overlap to make it easy to move from one map to the next.

on reverse
side of Map

Motorcycle Road Map Features:

  • Distance between roads indicated
  • Remote gas stations shown
  • Roadside Waterfalls highlighted
  • Motorcycle Friendly places indicated

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