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Becoming an America Rides Maps reseller is quick and easy. Help your guests, customers, and visitors learn of the amazing quantity of top-notch rides near your business and they’ll have such a great experience they’ll return for more. When they do, they usually bring friends with them.

While the bulk of America Rides Maps are sold online, an important part of our growing business is our vendor sales. Too often we get last minute calls from travelers who found us online, but too late to ship before they leave. 

Others like to actually see and touch a product before they’ll take the next step and buy.

When these situations arise we send them to the nearest vendors, they buy from you, and you make the bulk of the profit. We sell maps (they rarely buy just one), you get customers in your door, and our customers get their problem solved. Win-win-win for everyone involved! 

Call or text 828-734-2164 or send us an email to We’ll set up your account and suggest the maps that should work best for you. Call, text, or email today!