Blue Ridge Parkway & The Dragon Package

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Map Set -  Blue Ridge Parkway PLUS The Dragon

Maps 1-7
Includes the 6 Map Blue Ridge Parkway set PLUS Map #7 Let's face it - if you make the ride down the 469 mile long Blue Ridge Parkway to Cherokee, NC it's only 50 Miles to the Legendary Dragon at Deals Gap, NC. It's going to be hard to resist the temptation to ride one of the most famous motorcycle and sports car roads in the world when it's so close. You'll be well served by adding Map #7 to your parkway collection. It will not only show you the best ways to get to The Dragon, but it shows the Cherohala Skyway, the Nantahala Gorge area, the wealth of roadside waterfalls just off the edge of Map #6. Honestly if you have Map #6 in your collection, you will really want Map #7 too - This package gives you all of it.
All you need for the classic motorcycle vacation trip down the Blue Ridge Parkway and then on to ride the infamous Dragon at Deals Gap. Includes all of the Blue Ridge Parkway, every paved connecting road, all the classic rides in the surroundings, guide to more than 2 dozen roadside waterfalls, the best roads on the south side of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, both the Dragon AND the Cherohala Skyway as well as many other classic rides.
Also shown / additional features:
  • Pocket maps 1-7
  • Nearest Gas Station to each Blue Ridge Parkway exit listed
  • Remotely located (out-of-town) gas stations identified
  • Handy, easy-to-use, accessible pocket map size
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Best rides boldly highlighted in red
  • Good connecting roads highlighted in blue
  • Rides are described on back of map
  • Mileage between road segments shown
  • Find riding in VA,NC,SC,WV, TN, GA
  • Scenic points, waterfalls, motorcycle-friendly stops, etc. shown
  • Maps overlap and connects with adjacent maps 

 Know your Blue Ridge Map Options:

  • 3 map "Smoky Park" Map set (Maps 6-8)
  • 6 Map "Blue Ridge Parkway " Map set (Maps 1-6)
  • 7 Map "Blue Ridge Parkway PLUS the Dragon " Map set (Maps 1-7)
  • 9 Map "Full Southeast Package " Map set (Maps 1-9)