#11 West Virginia Border Rides - Coal Country


8/5/2019 - New Map!
10/5/2019 - Final Version now ready.

Pocket map #11 - West Virginia Border Rides - Coal Country

This map details the area south of Beckley, West Virginia extending across the border into Virginia.

The Virginia section of this map is characterized by forested mountains with grand views and winding roads which trace scenic rivers. You'll pass through historic towns and attractions, pastoral farms. The West Virginia areas are characterized by active coal mines and an extensive system of roads carving through the rugged mountains to reach them. There a lots of small coal towns and some awesome curvy roads. More than 100 roads are described on this map along with sights and attractions.

Descriptions of the roads are listed alphabetically on the reverse side of the map.

The north end of VA 16 a.k.a. "The Back of the Dragon" (on Map #3) is in the lower left corner, I-77 cuts through the middle of the map into Beckley (the toll section is highlighted so you can avoid it), the lower right corner clips I-81 as it passes Blacksburg and Christiansburg. I-64 winds along the top edge of the map.  

Map Specifics:

  • Size (unfolded) - 11 x 17 inches
  • Size (folded) - 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches
  • Fast, simple, easy folding
  • Layout - Full color map on one side with road details on the back
  • Best roads a shown in red, good connecting roads are shown in blue
  • Easy to read color-coded road labels to aid navigation
  • Mileage of each road section is shown 
  • Reliable and remote gas stations are shown
  • Numerous points of interest, overlooks, and historic sight

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